A few years ago my trendy cousin Ingrid told me about how amazing Turkish towels were when we visited her in DC.  She is always on the cutting edge of cool.  I used them and love them, but never got around to ordering them because, well, I forgot like I usually do {that is what being 7 months pregnant and not having Amazon Prime will do to you}.  Plus, that was before my trusty blog.  #shamelessplug

Then last week another amazing mama friend Natalie had a darling towel around her at the pool.  It was absorbent and not bulky, because, let’s get real – what mom in her right mind actually needs more bulk around her belly?!   Not this mama.

So I got 6 and split them with my buddies.  We are all obsessed – and are getting more for guest towels, beach towels and gifts.

Why they rock:

  1. They are soft as can be
  2. They are not bulky at all – can fit them in your overflowing pool bag much easier than that oversized Spiderman towel
  3. They come in fun colors
  4. They are super reasonable in price
  5. I have used mine as a wrap on vacation – it’s cute, warm and practical.  Like a blanket, but without the weight
  6. Fringe is always a good idea

I got mine from this shop on Amazon, but there are tons of options out there!  Do it.  You won’t regret it!




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