A few weeks ago my son asked me for a Bandaid in the car.   “Sure, bud. One second.”  Then I scoured my black hole of a center console for a Bandaid.  Could I be void of such a momma necessity?  Yep, I was.  I couldn’t believe it. #facepalm

So I set out to make sure this never happened again with a little experiment.  I kept a small notebook in my car and whenever something came up that we needed I wrote it down. I did this for 2 weeks and compiled an epic list of must haves for my car so I was prepared for whatever life threw at us.

Here it is – with one revision of items that came up in the following week.  (A wine opener for an impromptu girl’s picnic, duh)


Here are the goods:

  1. Clorox wipes : Disinfecting wipes. Enough said.
  2. Pacifica Under Arm Wipes :  When you don’t have time to run home and need a quick refresher.  They are awesome and smelling isn’t.
  3. Oh Joy first aid bag from Target :  Perfect size, amazing compartments and fits in the side of the car door perfectly.
  4. Lip and Cheek Tint (Love this one from Benefit): A dash of color to revive your makeup and look lively.  And everyone that knows me knows how I feel about lipstick.  It can truly fix most things – fake it until you make it!
  5. Nail Polish (One of my favorites is on sale now, a steal!)  :  When you look down and realize your pedicure is a little worn from running around being awesome and you need to freshen up quick.
  6. Nail File : Just grab one of your hundreds.
  7. Mascara : Grab one of your ones from a gift with purchase (I always love Clinques) or a travel sized one
  8. Dry Shampoo :  A must.  Hides the fact that you may or not have time to shower today.
  9. Travel Deodorant : Kinda a given.
  10. Tissues : For runny noses, dirty hands and everything kid
  11. Mineral Sunscreen: Easy to apply when running around – great for kids and for over makeup.  This one from Colorescience is the best one I have found!  I have in every bag.
  12. Essential Oil Blend: I have been obsessed with essential oil blends – It’s like a quick yoga class in a bottle.  A friend made this for me and I love it.   If that is not your jam, this company is amazing – the Goodbye Headache is everything.
  13. Flushable Wipes:  For Biff’s and travel rest stations
  14. Hand Sanitizer:  This one from my Grove Collaborative is awesome.
  15. Shout Wipes: Because, well, coffee, kids, meals on the run….these will be used.
  16. Blotting Papers:  Got these as a cute gift and thought that this was the perfect place for them in for a quick touch up.  These peppermint ones are also darling!  Fun girly gift idea, too.
  17. Sewing Kit: I got this from a hotel, but they sell online as well.
  18. Tampons: Well, its kinda obvious.  And sucks when you need one and don’t have it.
  19. Hair binders: Again, obvious and necessary when  you are over your hair.
  20. Bandaids:  Ah, the whole reason for this exercise.  Love these.  But also have some plain ones for my sons and their dad as to not ruin their life with embarrassment.
  21. Neosporen:  I had some travel ones from a first aid kit, but this travel one is great, too!
  22. Safety pins:  They can save an array of wardrobe malfunctions.
  23. Wine Wipes: Got these as a gift and not 1o0% necessary, but figured it can’t hurt when you need to wipe off the red wine you snuck in to that little league game. Also, cute girly gift.
  24. Advil (or whatever one you prefer):  I love these – one for the car, one for the handbag.
  25. Pens and a Sharpie: It is amazing how often you won’t have one and you will need it.
  26. Floss – Nothing worst than needing it and not having it.  So annoying.
  27. Tweezers:  For slivers and eyebrows touch ups.  Mini ones are the best.
  28. Wine opener: Because not every bottle is a twist off and sometimes impromptu wine picnics with moms at playdates happen.
  29. Measuring Tape: This one is perfect and light.
  30. Cash:  I always have some in the car for lemonade stands and for emergencies

Here is mine.  What would you add?


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