Never Mom Without Lipstick {The Beginning} 

My 2017 Girls Trip in Napa – and no, those are not all my glasses, but these mamas sure had fun!

I used to have time. Tons of time.  Enough to drive all over the state looking for the perfect crystals to hand embellish my wedding invites.  Enough to peruse the farmers market for hours with a latte in one and a bunch of fresh cut wildflowers in the other.  Enough to sample 17 different aquas for my new bathroom accent wall color.

Then I had kids.  Goodbye free time!  Bon Voyage flat stomach! Adios casual shopping!

And hello chaos and fupas and days where finishing a full thought is a win.  Now I shower {most days} in under a minute while cleaning the tile with a “spray and walk away” shower cleaner.  I eat meals on the run with one hand holding a kid, the other a bag and somehow manage to shove a protein bar in my face with half an elbow.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and my life.  I really do. Tons.  But man, I would love to have 48-hours days – where half the time I had to research and plan and had the other 24 hours to execute.

I started to really think about this.  Where in the world do I get more ideas, more time to plan and hours to shop?  Then I just looked around.  #Duh! I am surrounded by some of the most amazing idea faucets around – my friends!  We do this constantly over wine and phones calls and chaotic playdates – We share.  We share what has worked for us and what we have learned from other moms.  We share our favorite new ancient grain salad, the best dry shampoo and that tasty rośe that is under $15.

This is my community of the most savvy shoppers with absolute impeccable style.  That will whip up an appetizer worthy of a photoshoot solely from ingredients from Trader Joes.  And we do this now on the fly – we will text our recipes, email our Amazon favorite lists and send a photo product barcodes.

And that was the problem.  All these amazing ideas were all over the place scattered in emails and messages.  I needed a landing spot for all of them to reference when I needed them.  And Never Mom Without Lipstick was born.

It will serve as a home for all this.   A blog filled with the tips and tricks that us mamas dish all day long, but never seem to find when we need it.   Now I have my place I visit when I need it instead of searching frantically through old text threads.

We all have that old part of us that wants to spend hours researching, planning and calmly executing.  But we don’t have that.  But what we do have is this place to reference and that will bring out the Martha in all of us. Just not the 1997 Martha who made meringues for hours , the one that spent some time in the clink and whips up casseroles with Snoop Dogg.   That is the Martha we are all going for.  Now, throw on some lipstick and let’s fake it until we make it, mamas!

My loves: My spirited family,  flowers,  home decor, color,
entertaining, traveling, shoes, handbags, themed parties, lipstick, makeup, cleaning products, tinted sunscreen, sunglasses, freshly washed sheets, subscription boxes, 80’s love songs, 90’s hip hop, the opera, tea towels, stationary, sending GIFS, the perfect pen, my paper planner, dry shampoo, strawberries, family picnics, my house after it is cleaned by someone else, crockpot dinners that turn out, homemade bread and pasta, fresh herbs, color, and anything metallic.

Style Icon:  My Grandma Ginny

Favorite Quote: “If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”   Thomas Edison

Favorite Flowers:  Lilacs and Hot Princess Roses

Favorite Color: Pink to look at, black to wear

Favorite Holiday:  Christmas – obsessed with the decor, entertaining and all the family time.

Favorite Accessory: Handbags, Jewelry and Shoes (no way I can pick just one)

Favorite Go To Products: Lipsence Lipstick,  Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, La Roche-Posay sunscreen and mascara


my better half
The loves – proof God loves me
Just some of my mama tribe- could not do this life without them
My mom- my hero